The Butterfly and Christian Spirituality (1): An Uplifting Reading

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    Sacred subtexts and holy symbolism pervaded Christendom and the popular cinema (Kozlovic, 2003), 1 especially in this Age of Hollywood (Paglia, 1994, p. 12) where even "'the Word made flesh" can be proclaimed through the apparently non-incarnational power of electronic media' (Maddock, 2000, p. 204). Jesus films abound (Fraser, 1998; Kinnard & Davis, 1992; Stern, Jefford & DeBona, 1999; Tatum, 1997; Walsh, 2003), the Christ-figure is popular (Baugh, 1997), and even biblical epics (Babington & Evans, 1993; Forshey, 1992; Scott, 1994), cinematic angels (Parish, 1994), saints (Sanders, 2002) and devils (Mitchell, 2002) have been systematically explored. Regrettably, scant research has been devoted to exploring the more mundane Christian symbols within popular feature films, for example, the humble butterfly.
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    Publication statusPublished - Sept 2005


    • Butterfly
    • Film
    • Christianity


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