The Fragility of Reality: the Drama of Will Eno

Julian Meyrick

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In the second week of rehearsals I was going to the toilet so often I knew the exact number of steps it would take to get me there. It was depressing and humiliating and frightening: are turn of symptoms I had had before, but more virulent and painful. I didn't talk about them. I can talk about anything. Not this. Age nine, at boarding school, I would lock myself in the bathroom at night and cry for my vanished mother, gone as sure as the sun from the sky. Now I cloistered in that familiar environment again, staring at my wan, middle-aged face in the mirror, wondering how sick I was, knowing I was sick, really, really sick. Laughable ... for now. Because, of course, one day it won't be. One day - sooner, later, whenever - I'll be on the money, and the sense of my body refusing its duties and falling apart like an old shoe will reflect what is actually going on. So it was a rehearsal in two senses, a getting ready, a gearing up. In the toilet, phone in hand, I went over all the things I had to do: The List. It was exhausting to think about. Wrapping up, giving in, giving away, repairing, resolving, reflecting. And then. Whatever comes next.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationFragility and hope in a world of uncertainty
EditorsGrant Blakshi, Helen Sykes
Place of PublicationAlbert Park, VIC
PublisherFuture Leaders
Number of pages20
ISBN (Print)9780994404459
Publication statusPublished - 2018


  • theatre play
  • playwright
  • acting
  • performance


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