The May 2016 Greek Cypriot Parliamentary Elections and Beyond

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This is the election result that Greek Cypriots and their established political elites needed. This comment may not accord well with many Cypriot intellectuals, especially on the left. Many have interpreted the election results in ‘doomsday’ terms, given the fall in the vote for the neo- Communist AKEL, the near destruction of the nationalist and moderately socialist EDEK, the rise of the neo-Nazi ELAM and the significant increase in absenteeism. But the fact remains that although the two major parties (DISY remained on top) have taken a hit they are still in the clear majority. They should not panic, yet they do need to embrace
economic reform and restructuring more seriously and realistically, and better articulate their vision of a reunified Cyprus. The efforts to reunify the island have intensified under the pro-reunification Greek Cypriot (Nicos Anastasiades) and Turkish Cypriot (Mustafa Akıncı) leaders, with the two major Greek Cypriot parties DISY and AKEL supporting these efforts. A close analysis of the results will show
that the changes that occurred were not seismic and DISY and AKEL can recover their lost ground, especially with more astute election strategies.
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Specialist publicationCPG Online Magazine
PublisherGerman-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Greek Cypriots
  • elections
  • election results
  • neo- Communist AKEL
  • socialist EDEK
  • neo-Nazi ELAM


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