To the next decade and beyond

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Sebastian Ocklenburg and colleagues have written an important and exciting summary of where laterality research might go. Perhaps reiterating some of their points, it seems important to understand the nuances of laterality. Laterality research can fall into the trap of “dichotomania”–where all laterality is seen in terms of left versus right. However, important insights can also be gained by examining the strength of laterality as well as the cooperation and competition between the hemispheres. Care also needs to be taken when examining individual differences between left- and right-handers. Studies, which may suffer from type 1 errors, often stigmatise left-handers with a host of negative traits. Pre-registration and the reporting of effect size may eliminate this bias.

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Early online date2021
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  • laterality
  • left-handers
  • right-handers
  • dichotomania


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