Toward making inroads in reducing the disparity of lung health in Australian Indigenous and New Zealand Māori children

Anne Chang, Robyn Marsh, John Upham, Lucas Hoffman, Heidi Smith-Vaughan, Deborah Holt, Maree Toombs, Catherine Byrnes, Stephanie Yerkovich, Paul Torzillo, Kerry-Ann O'Grady, Keith Grimwood, Ngiare Brown, Heather D'Antoine, Amanda Leach, Kim Mulholland, Peter Morris, Bart Currie, Kane Ellis, Bilawara LeeBarbara Paterson, Rosalyn Singleton, Helen Buntain, Louise Clark, Allan Cripps, Jan Hammill, Ian Mackay, Carolyn MacLennan, Geraint Rogers, Ruth Thornton, Sophie Anderson-James, Anna Bell, Michael Binks, Ben Drescher, Vikas Goyal, Kerry Hall, Gabrielle McCallum, Linda Medlin, Susan Pizzutto, Jane Pooley, Danielle Wurzel, Kim Hare, Julie Marchant, Elizabeth McDonald, Noritta Morseau-Diop, Helen Petsky, Samantha Gardiner, Siew Choo Su, Joanne Tuppin

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Globally, Indigenous populations, which include Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders in Australia and Māori people in New Zealand (NZ), have poorer health than their non-Indigenous counterparts. Indigenous peoples worldwide face substantial challenges in poverty, education, employment, housing, and disconnection from ancestral lands (1). While addressing social determinants of health is a priority, solving clinical issues is equally important. Indeed, ignoring the latter until social issues improve risks further disparity as this may take generations. A systematic overview of interventions addressing social determinants of health found a striking lack of reliable evaluations. Where evidence was available, health improvement associated with interventions was modest or uncertain (2). Thus, advances in healthcare remain essential and these require the best evidence available in preventing and managing common illnesses, including respiratory illnesses.
Original languageEnglish
Article number9
Number of pages6
JournalFrontiers in Pediatrics
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 13 Feb 2015

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