Transcriptomic Profiling of DNA Damage Response in Patient-Derived Glioblastoma Cells before and after Radiation and Temozolomide Treatment

Mathew Lozinski, Nikola A. Bowden, Moira C. Graves, Michael Fay, Bryan W. Day, Brett W. Stringer, Paul A. Tooney

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Glioblastoma is a highly aggressive, invasive and treatment-resistant tumour. The DNA damage response (DDR) provides tumour cells with enhanced ability to activate cell cycle arrest and repair treatment-induced DNA damage. We studied the expression of DDR, its relationship with standard treatment response and patient survival, and its activation after treatment. The transcriptomic profile of DDR pathways was characterised within a cohort of isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) wild-type glioblastoma from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) and 12 patient-derived glioblastoma cell lines. The relationship between DDR expression and patient survival and cell line response to temozolomide (TMZ) or radiation therapy (RT) was assessed. Finally, the expression of 84 DDR genes was examined in glioblastoma cells treated with TMZ and/or RT. Although distinct DDR cluster groups were apparent in the TCGA cohort and cell lines, no significant differences in OS and treatment response were observed. At the gene level, the high expression of ATP23, RAD51C and RPA3 independently associated with poor prognosis in glioblastoma patients. Finally, we observed a substantial upregulation of DDR genes after treatment with TMZ and/or RT, particularly in RTtreated glioblastoma cells, peaking within 24 h after treatment. Our results confirm the potential influence of DDR genes in patient outcome. The observation of DDR genes in response to TMZ and RT gives insight into the global response of DDR pathways after adjuvant treatment in glioblastoma, which may have utility in determining DDR targets for inhibition.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1215
Number of pages15
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2022


  • DNA damage response
  • glioblastoma
  • radiation
  • temozolomide
  • treatment resistance


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