Trump or Rushdie, it's the debate of ideas that matters

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They’re stupid.

I mean it.

They’re excruciatingly stupid.

At the time of writing, Donald J Trump has yet to be charged, but his creepy summer home has been raided and the warrant­ – which, for some reason, his cult wanted the whole world to know about – lists three statutes that should bury his comeback presidency.

I say should because once words like "espionage" are credibly associated with a presidential candidate, that, logically, should be the end of the line. Then again, the word "insurrection" should have been the final bite of the toxic mango.

I’ve already sounded off about 6 January and the war that never was, but the fact that very few of his supporters – even those purported to be sane – didn’t make that whole noose-waving, shit-smearing, cop-bashing self-own of a coup the very, very last/end of story/no comebacks/I’m taking my bat and ball stand against fascism and nepotism (and straight up cartoonish super-villainy) is beyond disappointing and several exits north of disturbing.
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Publication statusPublished - 18 Aug 2022


  • politics
  • democracy
  • literature
  • crime
  • philosophy
  • Freedom of speech
  • Alex Vickery-Howe
  • Donald Trump
  • Mar-a-Lago
  • Salman Rushdie
  • Satanic Verses
  • fake news
  • Capitol Hill riot
  • USA
  • violence


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