Un Mondo senza Vaccini? La Vera Storia

Translated title of the contribution: A World without Vaccines? The True Story

Francesco Galassi

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From paleopathology, the "stargate" on the issue of vaccines, with Dr. Francesco Maria Galassi, European doctor and researcher that the American magazine Forbes included in 2017 in the list of the 30 most influential scientists under 30 in Europe, Assistant at the University of Zurich (Switzerland) and Senior Research Associate at the University of Flinders (Australia), with previous research experience at the University of Oxford and Imperial College London. The historical lesson invites an active and dynamic reflection on the evolutionary processes and mechanisms underlying the diseases that have afflicted, still afflict and could return to afflict the human race. Galassi traces the evolutionary course of pathologies, from the epic defeat of smallpox to the overwhelming return of measles and tuberculosis, with examples that take us back to the time of the pharaohs of Egypt, to the classical age, through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, revealing the arcana of enemies of our health, and foresees their future developments, in a fascinating journey on the border between archeology and medicine, history and science. There is no shortage of reflections on malaria, of which there is no vaccine to date.
Translated title of the contributionA World without Vaccines? The True Story
Original languageItalian
Place of PublicationRome
PublisherC1V Edizioni
Number of pages155
ISBN (Print)9788898295531
Publication statusPublished - 21 Nov 2017


  • History of medicine
  • Immunology
  • Vaccination


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