Understanding the Australian Health Care system

Eileen Willis, Louise Reynolds, Helen Keleher

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n this third edition of Understanding the Australian Health Care System, authors Eileen Willis, Louise Reynolds and Helen Keleher introduce the reader to the key issues and theoretical concepts that provide insight into the way the Australian health care system is organised and how policy change impacts the health care profession.

The third edition has been comprehensively revised, but continues to focus on the role and function of the health professional working within the Australian health care system. Fifteen health disciplines are considered in this new edition, with an emphasis on interprofessional practice and the social determinants of health. - ePublishers Website

New chapters on workers’ compensation systems, oral health and dental services, clinical exercise physiology and pharmacy
Significantly expanded glossary
Up-to-date information on the most recent Australian health reforms
Case studies on all of the major health care professions in Australia, including nurses, midwives, speech pathologists, audiologists, health managers, paramedics, social workers, dietitians, doctors (GPs), occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dentists and oral therapists, exercise physiologists, pharmacists and homeopaths
A suite of video interviews with multidiscipline practitioners and thought leaders exploring aspects of Australian health care, theories and challenges now and for the future.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationChatswood, NSW
Number of pages502
ISBN (Electronic)9780729585460
ISBN (Print)9780729542326
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • National health services, Australia
  • Medical policy, Australia
  • Public policy, Australia
  • Medical care, Australia


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