Using MP4 Files to Assess First Year Nursing Students’ Skills in Health History Assessment

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This assessment was developed to provide semester one first year nursing students yet to undertake a clinical placement, with a realistic opportunity to document and analyse a health history while also building Digital Information Literacy (DIL). Nine patient MP4health history interview files were created by the topic coordinator using a digital voice recorder and digital camera. The ten week syllabus included anatomy and physiology linked to health assessment and fundamental developmental life span concepts. The health history interview instrument was adapted from one presented in the required text so students were familiar with the interview format. Students were randomly allocated an MP4 file to download and view on the University Learning Management System (LMS). The file was able to be replayed and paused at any time to allow student to recheck information. This feature was appreciated by students when English was not their first language. The assessment required students to download and complete an enabled PDF health history interview file that permitted students to enter data they collected from the interview directly into the PDF. Students were then provided with a template document to complete using the data they had collected. Students were required to critique the interview process, expand on one area of anatomy and physiology and align the patient in the interview with the appropriate lifespan developmental phase according to Erikson's stages of psychosocial development. Students downloaded a detailed marking rubric detailing what was required in the assignment to achieve a high distinction through to a fail. This assessment used instructional technologies to build student digital information literacy and provide consistency over nine patients to increase marking consistency. The presentation will demonstrate the resources and how students interacted with the assessment.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 22 May 2017
Event7th International Clinical Skills Conference - Prato, Italy
Duration: 21 May 201724 May 2017


Conference7th International Clinical Skills Conference


  • Nursing students
  • Clinical placement
  • Health history assessment
  • Digital Information Literacy
  • Learning Management System
  • MP4


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