Using the Work of T.F. Torrance and J.B. Torrance to Inform Christian Responses to Family Violence

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Hi everyone, may I say at the outset what a joy it is to be with you this morning and be a part of this community doing theology relationally.

I am quite early on in the process of my PhD, really only formally commencing work on it in February of this year. I am immensely excited about it, I have to say. I first came to TF’s work in about 2000, and JB’s in 2005. I’ve done work on integrated holistic approaches to social work and law, and on family violence itself, and criminal law and legal theory are my main areas of teaching in my role at the Uni. I am particularly
keen on TFs work on rejecting dualism and on JB’s work on covenant and contract and on the difference that a covenantal understanding of God, the Gospel and ourselves can make in basically any facet of life. I’ve seen the difference that it can make in quite a few situations of family violence and other trauma now, and I have found all of the concepts which I am going to cover immensely freeing in my own life, so you can imagine what a joy it is to now look at a PhD on it all...
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2020
EventT.F. Torrance Theological Fellowship Workshop Retreat - Online Conference, United States
Duration: 31 Jul 20202 Aug 2020 (Workshop link)


WorkshopT.F. Torrance Theological Fellowship Workshop Retreat
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Come join others in the Torrance tradition for a special weekend retreat of worship and prayer together. The weekend will include three retreat sessions, each lasting up to 30 minutes. In format, facilitators may combine, at their discretion, responsive readings, music, and prayer, with a short homily. The retreat sessions will lead us in prayerful reflection, meditation and worship related to the theme of theology and scholarship in the time of COVID-19. The facilitators may provide PDFs in advance for responsive reading or thoughtful consideration.

2. Workshop
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