Voices from the coalface: The impact of Dedicated Education Units in Nursing

Margaret Bowden, Anj Taylor, Vandhana Nand, Susan Moscato, Jen Little-Reece, Thimitra Panteleon, Amanda Husslebee, Kylie Finlay, Paul Griffiths, Marina Boogaerts, Peter Mason, Tracey Duggan, Elaine Horn, Judith Gonda, Ann Harrington, Kasia Bail, Sheona Watson, Cathy Andrew, Mary Gordon

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    This chapter, in keeping with the Dedicated Education Unit principles of valuing everyone’s input, respecting and sharing their knowledge and experience, and learning from one another, presents 14 stories from people performing different roles in establishing, learning, teaching and working within differently structured Dedicated Education Units in different clinical contexts. It broadens the scope of this book by including experiences from Manukau Institute of Technology/Counties Manukau District Health Board Dedicated Education Units in Auckland, New Zealand. The stories complement the descriptions of Dedicated Education Units, from conception to sustainable management, in Chaps. (this volume) by adding a human element that gives insight into how different individuals experience the concepts and meanings of Dedicated Education Units in practice. After the editors briefly revisit what a Dedicated Education Unit is, students, new graduate Registered Nurses, Liaison Nurses, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Academic Liaison Nurses, Principal Academics, clinical coordinators and those in executive positions (e.g. heads of nursing, governance group members and heads of Health Boards) tell their stories. Each contributor demonstrates their engagement in, and belonging to, their Dedicated Education Unit. The stories highlight commonalities and differences among Dedicated Education Units and the benefits and challenges of involvement in this new clinical education strategy. Three major themes emerge: empowerment, a deep sense of valuing nursing education, and Dedicated Education Units providing the necessary time, practice and relationship development in clinical settings to prepare students to perform the role of Registered Nurse confidently and competently.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationClinical Learning and Teaching Innovations in Nursing
    Subtitle of host publicationDedicated Education Units Building a Better Future
    Number of pages40
    ISBN (Electronic)9789400772328
    ISBN (Print)9789400772311
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

    Publication series

    NameInnovation and Change in Professional Education


    • Palliative Care
    • Clinical Staff
    • Student Nurse
    • Clinical Placement
    • Clinical Learning


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