We have lift off! Why Australia needs the new space agency.

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Last September was an exciting month for space activities in Adelaide. Not only was the city graced with a visit from space-entrepreneur Elon Musk, who declared SpaceX’s intention to become a very fast terrestrial airline (using very big rockets) but the Australian government also announced the creation of an Australian Space Agency. This announcement has been met with great enthusiasm by those already working in the Australian space industry. So popular was the idea in fact that the government made the announcement well before the Report of the Expert Reference Group was completed. The Expert Group, in its Review of Australia’s Space Industry Capability, identified early in its national consultations that there was a strong consensus across the nation that an Australian space agency was needed to lift national and international engagement; set national policy and strategy to realise Australia’s ambitions in the civil space sector; facilitate growth in the space industry sector; and inspire the nation with Australia’s contribution to human endeavours in space.

Why does Australia need a space agency? Does Australia have anything to gain from participation in outer space activities? What is in it for the average Australian? And what does it have to do with domestic law?
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JournalAlternative Law Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jun 2018
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