What Can We Learn from Researching in an Overcrowded Research Area? Lessons Learned from the 50 Years of Research on Radiation Dermatitis

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Radiation dermatitis (RD) remains one of the most common adverse effects, affecting the majority of patients receiving radiotherapy.1,2 Despite the advances in radiotherapy techniques, our recent clinical trials indicated as many as 85% of patients (with mixed-cancer type) undergoing radiotherapy experienced dry desquamation, and 15% of patients experienced moist desquamation, requiring wound dressing.1 These proportions were even higher in patients receiving treatment to their head and neck.3 Given the high prevalence of RD, much attention and resources have been invested into research to identify the best solution to manage and resolve this adverse effect...
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JournalCancer nursing
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  • Radiation therapy
  • Radiation Dermatitis
  • head and neck cancer

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