Where are the Graphics? Communicating Legal Ideas Effectively Using Images and Symbols

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    In 2015, the LexisNexis Innovation Panel Series ‘invited Australian industry leaders from legal, corporate, commercial and academic sectors to discuss the topic of innovation across six states with 200 attendees.’ Panel members at the session held in Adelaide in July discussed a number of issues including acknowledging increasing demands from clients that complex legal information be communicated in more concise, clear ways. Each described use of various graphical techniques such as pie charts, graphs, flowcharts and decision trees to meet these demands. In August 2015, at Flinders Law School’s ‘Thinking About the Future of Legal Education’ seminar, John Kain spoke about Kain Lawyers’ Innovation Internship partnership with Michigan State University [MSU] Law School and its Reinvent Law LaboratoryTM (as it was then known), to host MSU Law summer interns to bring innovative technological approaches and ‘lean’ legal systems2 to their law practice. One focus of the inaugural 2015 project was on developing decision trees for use in advising clients.
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    JournalLegal Education Review
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    Publication statusPublished - 2017


    • Legal communication
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