Xenokin and Queer Morphologies

Virginia Barratt, Francesca da Rimini, Alice Nilsson

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Xenokin and queer morphologies is a text for three voices, presented as a performed lecture at the 2018 Gender, Sex and Sexualities conference in Adelaide. The proposals herein are situated on the borderlands of the empirical/speculative and engage with notions of “xenofam” (Hester 2018, 65) and, following Haraway, queer morphologies. We materialise the speculative as we “build” and “create” home and family outside of the white, cis-het, patriarchal genetic-social order, using the poetic as a mode of reportage.

The performing voices—WitchMum, Mum 2.0, code child/precocious meme savant—have cooked, co-habited and coded as becoming-kin to instantiate xenofam, building affective bonds through which datablood flows. This queered approach to extensible and open family platforms generates intentional spaces for the reconfiguration of blood ties beyond blood types, and, hyperstitionally, another mode of hexing Capital.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages22
JournalWriting from Below
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • experimental writing
  • feminism
  • xenofeminism
  • queer kinship
  • autoethnography


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